Another DIY Project


I love all things DIY. This is no secret. What I love even more are DIY projects that save my family money. Last night, while our son was sick and I was on watch, I spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest. I found a DIY liquid hand soap tutorial. I’ve been curious about this since my husband’s grandmother had mentioned that she used to make it all the time. I decided to try it today and ended up making about 3 quarts of soap for around $1. How awesome is that?? We have two potty training 3 year olds that are constantly washing their hands. This will turn out to be a real money saver.

Anyway, head on over to Savvy Housekeeping to take a look.

Side Note: If you read the comments, you will see a lot of people had issues with theirs coming out too runny. I had the same problem. I filled my sink with ice water and sat my pot in it. After about 10 minutes and a stir, I had a great consistency. I filled my existing soap bottles and put them in the bathroom. I stored the extra under the sink.


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